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Bag Pack Program  
School supply bag pack program is a great way to help a student with the necessary items for their everyday school needs. Pens, pencils, books, paper, we are in need of all supplies for everyday needs for all children.

Holiday Gift Drive 
Giving these children a gift on their birthday's or holidays is such an amazing thing. 

The Gift drive program is a collaborative program between all the volunteers, businesses. All gifts used in the program is acquired via donation of local organization and gift items. 

Dry Food Program
We are in need of all dry and non- perishable foods.

* Can products

* Rice 

* Dry Milk

* Beans

How it works

* Hunger affects approximately 2,000 elementary school students in Africa

* When children are help via supplies and food some of their needs are met. 

* Schools and families now have a relationship with you the individual who has helped make this happen. 

Who makes it happen?

* Churches

* Businesses

* Volunteers

* Individuals

* Civic Groups

How do they do it?

* Fundraising Events

* Gifts

* Food Drives

* Volunteer to Help pack

* Gift drive

How does this affect you?

Children are our future and helping them access simple living essentials aids their ability to achieve success in school and their everyday life. 

* 90% of consumers have a positive image of companies or organization that support good cause.

* 80% of consumers are likely to use your brand or services when a company is associated with a good cause.

* 70% ​of consumers believe that companies should make this a standard activity of donating.

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